Sunday, May 06, 2007

Out and about.

A very wise friend of mine says, "The secret to living in New York is getting out of New York as often as possible."

This weekend I went to Philadelphia to visit my friend John and to hear the Organ Recital Marathon at the Kimmel Center. It's only $35 round trip on NJ Transit/SEPTA---I'd cost me more to stay in NYC!

Above you'll find Jason, John, me, Alvaro, and Price. John is a very good friend who I've known for years now and who I visit often. Alvaro is his very groovy roommate who is a clarinet player and who went to church with me today. Jason is a friend I met through John a few years back, and Price is a friend of all theirs who lives in Tampa and who I just met this weekend as he was also visiting. We're sitting in Rittenhouse Square and below you'll find some more photos of that very beautiful park on this perfect Spring day.

Later this week I'll write up reviews of the Kimmel Center organ and the recitals, as well as a review of Sunday morning Mass at St. Mark's Church.

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