Sunday, September 14, 2008


This is chicken enchiladas with salsa verde, with a side of fresh orange and red tomato salsa with corn. Inspired by this recipe, I spent Saturday in the kitchen whipping up some nummers.

Cooking is a kind of therapy for me. I've been practicing lately, trying to reach outside my comfort zone and explore new territory.

But after a week of Asian curries, I felt like returning to comfortable TexMex. Enchiladas were new, however; I usually go for burritos. The salsa verde was a particular surprise--I will definitely be making it again!

I often feel like I don't have much art compared to those around me. My friends are all so creative and have so many fresh ideas and perspectives. I wasn't gifted with much skill for visual or audible artistic expression.

I really enjoy the satisfaction of a meal well made and appreciated by those upon whom I impose my little works of art. I'm going to start thinking of food more as my artistic expression. I think I'll enjoy that and I think I have a lot of room to learn and grow in that area.

Photography, on the other hand, is hard as hell. The Mexican food took so long that I missed the soft evening light. I did my best with the photos above. I'll get better at that, too.

Recipes and Photoshop suggestions are welcome.

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amorous congruous stick said...

looks delicious! i'm going to try it this week-end :)

anyhow, i've got a new blog location

i decided to join the bandwagon :)