Friday, January 16, 2009

Strangers in a strange land.

We come from Planet Purple

Where everything is purple

And people are all the same

All the boys are named Paul

All the girls are named Pauline

And everything is purple

One day Lady Elaine Fairchilde

Of the Neighborhood of Make Believe

Found the Planet Purple

And traveled back to Earth

With our friend the Purple Panda

To learn more about your planet

On Earth the Purple Panda learned

That people can be different

And there are many colors

Like blue, green, orange, and pink!

Purple Panda traveled home

And told the Purple People what he learned

We were tired of all being purple and same

So we decided to be different

Now some boys are girlie

And some girls are boy-ish

And Purple People aren’t all purple

And we all have different names

This is your invitation

To join the Purple People

Who struggle to be different

While loving each other the same

Christian H.

Inspired by

If We Were All The Same

Fred Rogers, 1988

Photo credit for the last two pics: Chris Scanlon

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