Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last night I finally met Father Tony in the flesh. For once I was hardly nervous about meeting a new person, because I've known Tony through online interactions and I've had the sense that we'd get along famously. I think my instincts were correct; I certainly had a lovely time. Tony is one of those amazing people who excite by proximity and potential. Around him I felt carefully attentive, like a miner panning for gold, bending my senses to catch flashes of new insight and perspective. When will casual conversation suddenly lead to a story of the Vatican, or a new angle on politics, or some elusive artistic concept? With Tony, I felt as though every haphazard tangent could lead to a vein of wisdom and humor.

The cherry on top was also meeting David, who immediately impressed with his perfectly balanced fashion sense, and charmed his way right into my heart with stories that ranged back to when he was only four years old. Beauty will save us, indeed! I look forward to reading his blog and getting to know him better.

The impetus for our meeting was Tony's next project, the upcoming Bilerico-NYC blog, salon, and online magazine. I'm in a bit of shock that I have been asked to contribute to this project. The group of writers Tony is assembling is intimidating and humbling. If I stop to think about it closely, I get very nervous and begin to doubt myself. So instead, I've decided to simply be thankful for the opportunity, and forge ahead as fearlessly as I can manage.

Tony currently contributes to The Bilerico Project's national blog, as well as his own blog, linked above. I recommend checking them both out, and of course you should be waiting with baited breath for Bilerico-NYC!

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Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

The fact is that you guys are both dazzling, and I am delighted to think that neither of you are aware of your own magnificence. Soon, more people will know ya, and that is as it should be.