Sunday, October 22, 2006

Coup De Blog

So there's been a coup at the Couch Stalker Compound. Joey is out. Not that I don't love Joey, because believe me, the love we share is deep and profound. Rather it's just that I'm lazy. I have decided to write a blog which is more personal in nature and signing up for a new account just seems too much work.

Not to worry, dear readers, as I have not given up stalking! No, my targets must still quake as they lie asleep at night staring at their ceilings, wondering what diabolical ploys I am developing from my very comfy Couch of Doom.

Instead of pure stalking goodness, my blog will now have a complete recitation of my daily activities. That will come along with the occasional report on a leather event, perhaps a pipe organ recital review or two, and the odd hilarious story gleaned from my extraordinary exploits in Gotham.

I have also entered into an exclusive agreement with Julie Cruise Director, a talented but reclusive organizer of spectacular outings to exotic destinations where wildly inappropriate fashion is worn and all innocence is lost. Julie will report irregularly from the ragged edge of her internal reality. I am assured that the federal investigation will ultimately exonerate Julie in the case of Joey's untimely death, but until that time she will only be able to report when her medication is delivered to her hideout. Security precludes any land lines or cell phones at that compound, so Julie borrows the cell phone of the sweet boy who comes from the pharmacy.

Stay tuned in and enjoy all the blogging goodness. It should prove to be delightfully inane, if nothing else.

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