Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So Rare ruined me. I used to walk around the world in blissful ignorance that insults were being hurled at me right and left. And then I learned what "maricon" means. (Evidently it's "fag" in Spanish.) On a recent Friday night in our deli across the street, as I'm getting ready to pay, some guy standing there talking to the worker guys says "maricon" as I'm walking to the counter. And I said "Hey! Yes, yes, I am." He was all trying to pretend like he was calling his friend behind the counter that name, but I was like "whatever dude." I was in super-tight, super-cute clothes, and hanging with a punkish tranny boy, a tragically goth boy with hair extensions and contacts that made his entire eyes black (and who tried to make out with me by the drink cooler in back), and of course Spiky. And it was 4am. Hello! He was soooo not talking about his friend. I think he was pretty shocked to be caught, and I was shocked at myself for saying something, but I was rolling enough not to let it go by. Thank goodness he didn't look like the type to kick my ass.

Okay so then this morning I'm buying my breakfast downstairs on the concourse, and one of the cashier girls is chatting with the other, and here comes the big "maricon" again! I said, "That's not a very nice thing to say!" But I don't even think they realized I could understand them at all, as there was a lot going on around me. As a matter of fact I doubt they were even talking about me, because I look pretty nondescript (though lovely in my Hickey Freeman thanks to Jink) in my work clothes, and it didn't seem directed at me. But that's really not a word one should go blithely tossing around!

Then again, Rare likes to yell it at the top of his lungs while walking down the street in Manhattan, plus pretty much any time he needs an exclamation or an expletive, which seems to be quite often. Say it out loud a few times to yourself and you might see why he likes it. It sounds like "marry cone" only with a little tongue stop on the R. It's the Spanish/French R that is not quite rolled, but not quite English either. Now give it a couple of shouts. There! I knew you'd like it.

Now I've ruined you. It's good to pass these things on.

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Rare said...

I always think it sounds like "Marty Cone", but maybe that makes me mysogenistic.