Sunday, April 15, 2007

Green is for new.

My nephew really is the cutest baby of all.

NYC has been drowned in a deluge today which can only bring more green.

Father Daddy said to me after church this morning, "You know, wool dries much faster than jeans." I love that he is now chastising me for coming to church dressed too casually. I say this without irony--I couldn't be more glad to have someone caring what I look like at Mass. However, I'm not yet sure whether I will allow it to work.

Robert McCormick, the organist/choirmaster at church, is one of the finest improvisationists I have ever heard. Both his prelude and postlude were improvised today and they were both very fine.

This weekend I fessed up to Scooter about some recent happenings and that felt nice. He seems very happy and very close to Juicy B, which makes me smile. He should never be without a co-conspirator.

I had a long and long-delayed telephone conversation with my father today. It was satisfying. I forget that I enjoy speaking with him. I spent too much of my life dreading it. At the end I even shared a little of my truth--something I am not accustomed to doing with him. He offered help with my recent financial difficulties and I explained that I would never, ever ask for his help. I think he understands a little of why, but I also think he missed the underlying message. Reiterating to someone who has just said they will never ask that they need only ask really doesn't get anyone anywhere. *le sigh* It was a very nice sentiment for him to express, and a marked departure from the rest of my life, so I am not complaining. I'm glad I finally called him back.

Rare brought over a large bottle of gin as the call was ending. We had a lovely, wandering, drunken conversation. One day I will understand how he and I can think so alike about some things and so differently about others. I have really wonderful friends.

All the world is green, wet, and new, all over again.

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