Friday, April 20, 2007

Resistance is futile.

I considered posting something sad or moving, but as is my habit, I am dismissing the negative and approaching a difficult topic with humor. So, now that I have you primed with my 'Puppy on a Bun with Stars and Stripes' ploy, here's the pitch:

HIV/AIDS is a plague. Y'all know it and there's no need to repeat the details here.

The AIDS Walk New York benefits the Gay Men's Health Crisis and other AIDS service organizations. These organizations do good work and they need the money.

Please sponsor me in the AIDS Walk New York.

I don't care how much. $5 is great. $10 is better. $100 is insanity.

I'm walking with the team from my church, St. Mary the Virgin in Times Square.

You have my deepest thanks.

More requests for your assistance will follow.

Have a great weekend!

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