Thursday, September 20, 2007


Above: boys & friends, car washing.

I write to you in my last few hours as a 31 year old. This year was marked not so much with new experiences, but rather more extremes. The highs were very high and the lows were very low. I am more independent now than I have ever been, more singularly responsible for the direction of my life. I am perhaps less sane.

If I had a wish for this year, it would be for serenity. But I don't believe in such things, so I haven't just lost my wish by telling you about it.

If I had a fear for this year, it would be pride. Being my own worst critic does not elevate me above my mistakes.

If I have another year, that will be enough.

32, here I come.


the Reverend boy said...

Happy Birthday!!!

What a handsome crowd :-)

Matt J said...

Happy birthday, baby!

James said...

yes. a very happy birthday to you sweetpea! and wishes for a fantastic year!

i thought of you the other day, 'cos i was craving a chai-esspresso. xoxo

Kyle said...

happy birthday!

Blondie said...

Happy birthday, my friend.

Love you!!!