Friday, September 14, 2007

Enough already, people.

This is one of those posts where I don't say much more than AMEN to those who have said it better than I could. Joe writes today about Kenneth Hill's article on sissies.

I would take the idea one step further and suggest that the word "masculine," as it is seen often in profiles and descriptions of what guys are seeking online, is simply an euphemism for "straight-acting," a term which was popular five years ago but which most gay men now deride. My problem is not with masculinity, which is a quality I admire and sometimes possess. I see a problem when masculinity is held up as superior to any other way of behaving, and yes, that is exactly what most guys who use the word are doing.

It irritates me even more to see this phenomenon in Leather circles. How many times have we heard, "he was really hot until he opened his mouth and a purse fell out." How many times have the topics of musicals, flowers, decorating, or pipe organs been derided as not acceptable for leathermen? As if there is only one way to be a proper leatherman! We are complex, multi-faceted, interesting people, and there is absolutely no reason to limit the areas of interest we can discuss or explore.

If you hear someone knocking sissies, tell them to stop. If you see someone being a faggot like me, smile and be glad we're creating a country where that can happen. Fight for it. It's important.


James said...

i feel the same way. so many people in the queer community period cry and cry that people are so mean to us, yet they turn around to crap on someone in the community. it's infuriating and sickening.

anyhow, i'm sending you hugs, and am proud to call you my friend.. maybe that's 'cos i'm a "sissy" too :)


pug said...

*snortles of hello!

Musicals as an unacceptable topic among leathermen??? *faint All i ever learned about musicals were from leathermen! i have often wondered just how many songs from musicals can these men memorize???

~ pug *snortle