Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weekend with the Sister

Blogging every day is a lot harder than it sounds! I think I need to be more succinct. I just finished the Philly weekend report and I've already had another whole weekend in between.

So here goes:

Friday, out on the town with my sister and her gorgeous boyfriend. He's not at all my type, but he has these classic good looks that made me do double takes every time I'd catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye. Freaky. Sister was as difficult as ever. I love her because she's just like me. Except less refined and experienced. She'll be a hell of a cruise director one day. We went to the Buzzcock party at the Eagle. Boyfriend was quite interested in the skinhead porn being shown on the big screen. Seriously. We all kept catching him looking. After that we headed to Batcave, the goth club, with Spiky, SkinC, and BabyB. Boyfriend and sister weren't very into it, I think, as they didn't dance. They soon headed off to do their own thing and I danced the night away with my boys. Spiky and BabyB came back to crash at my place at like 4am and Spiky headed home after we chilled out for a bit.

BabyB and I had to get up hella early and go to Rock Center to get M&M's in the colors of the leatherboy pride flag (hunter green, red, white, and black). I work at 30 Rock during the week, and I always complain about the tourists, but let me tell you it's FAR worse on the weekends. We mistakenly bought $60 worth of M&M' was all in bulk so we couldn't back out of it once we'd filled our bags. I'm still catching heat from the club for that one, and justifiably, though the message has been received.

Then BabyB and I headed over to GMSMA's Leatherfest at The Center. Jink and Rare had put together an excellent table for the club that was perfected by our M&M's. The event overall was a lot of fun! Big L was there with his clan I flirted furiously with him. When all was said and done, I decided to just head home, as I was exhausted. Sister was doing her own thing all day, so I just crashed at home for all of Saturday evening.

Sunday I got up and went to church at Smoky Mary's. I just love that place so much. Once again, I'm agnostic. But services there just make me happy and the organ is exceptional. I'm glad I found the place.

Met sister, boyfriend, Jink, and Spiky for gay brunch at Boxer's. There was a big sign that Boxer's lost their lease!!! Much sadness, as it was our new favorite place for gay brunch. We had a nice one otherwise, after which sis and bf headed off again, and I went butch man shopping at Dave's with the boys. I chilled at home some more, hung out with Rare for a while, tried to get my cable modem working (HATE TIME WARNER), and then headed down to meet sis at the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked across said bridge and had pizza at Grimaldi's, the best pizza in NYC according to almost every authority. Boyfriend got us lost on some pier access road which was actually below the highway that runs along the East River. It's the only time I've ever felt a little nervous in NYC...there was absolutely no where to go if anything bad would have happened. It was fine though, so I didn't have to kill him. We hopped on the train and headed back up to Times Square, where we said our goodbyes.

It was super weird saying goodbye to my sister. Walking home, the past two years really came crashing down on me. It's crazy what I've done with my life. I uprooted myself from Kansas and came halfway across the country for a crazy relationship that didn't work out. My best friend in Topeka died a lot earlier than he would have had I stayed (no way to know that for sure, but I believe it in my bones). I've been through the ringer in NYC. I've also met some amazing people and made some very close friends. I don't know what it was...I guess I just normally don't stop and consider everything that has happened. I don't regret any of my decisions, but I don't think I realized at the time how momentous the really were, at least to my little life. I cry too often and too easily lately, and rarely from sadness.

So that was this weekend. This blog post is no shorter than those before, so I guess I don't have the hang of "succinct" just yet. I'll work on it.


MidAtlantic Transfer said...

I love your sister and skin head porn. Damn, I missed out this weekend.

Marc said...

Mmmmm, Grimaldi's. Definitely the best pizza I have had in New York. Can't wait to get back! Although I need to hit Di Fara and Patsy's, I think.