Friday, March 02, 2007

Scattershot won't kill you.

A friend is out of town on business and I miss him. I'm frustrated because I want to talk to him and I can't. For all their magic, cell phones don't compare to being in the same space with another person.

I apologize for the recent spat of song lyric posts. It's a habit from my teenage years. I'm not very good at expressing my emotions, so when I get upset I run to music, and nearly always to angst-filled songstresses. I do feel I'm somewhat reformed, however, as this time I held my transcription work down to three songs, when in fact there were nearly five times that many whose words were demanding to be shouted. That's progress, right? Right?

A few weeks ago I had a conversation about catalysts. Chemically speaking, these are substances which facilitate or speed a reaction, but ultimately have no place in the resulting compound. The conversation extended this definition into metaphor and we talked about how we believe it's possible to be a social catalyst. I haven't yet decided whether such a thing would be a gift or simply incredibly sad.

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