Monday, March 12, 2007

Look ma, pics!

Here's a pic of the interior of Cielo, a small dance club in the Meat Market area of Manhattan. Yes, the walls and ceiling are finished with cylinders (it's akin to a log cabin), many of which light up, creating a fun lighting effect in the room, when combined with the fairly standard dance floor lighting.

Last night Adonis and I attended Super Snaxx, a party featuring DJs Rick King and Gustavo. It was the first time we'd been out dancing together and I'm glad to report that his freak is just as crazy as my freak, so we got along just fine. Frankly, I danced my ass off and I'm rather sore today. It feels good.

The music was all over the map, frequently venturing into some very esoteric territory and requiring a "Beam me up, Scotty!" moment. Most of it encouraged me to move my booty, however, so I'm glad that these guys will have the upstairs room at the Black Party. At least I'll be sure to enjoy some of the music during my first trip there!

Michelangelo was working the door and was charming as always. It sounds as if I'll be able to volunteer for him this week, thus earning a ticket to the Black Party, which I'd otherwise never pay $125 to attend. Yeehaw!

So I've got a pic and a couple of hyperlinks in this post. I'm experimenting. I hope that these things will add some interest to my blog posts and ground my topics in the literal rather than the metaphorical.

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