Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I want to be raped!

Last night NYboL held the first event planned by its newly-formed social committee: a movie night out to see the film 300. Attendance was good; I won't name them all because I'm not feeling creative enough to make up blog names for those who don't have them yet. I was very glad that several associate members of NYboL were able to attend. While full members of the club must be leatherboys who can attend a majority of club functions, the intent is not to exclude those who have time restrictions or different orientations, and it's nice to see that inclusive philosophy really work.

The movie, however, was horrid. Yes, yes, yes, the men are all hot muffins. However, I can't even throw out the "visually spectacular" praise which can often be given to bad films (I'm looking at you, Lucas). Of course it's a matter of taste, and I must admit that mine is perhaps a bit more delicate than the general public, but there is simply too much blood and gore. The stunning Greek interior spaces and landscapes of golden wheat and mountains are far outnumbered by the amputations, gougings, beheadings, corpses, deformities, monsters, and a plethora of other exotic horrors. The plot was silly and senseless. The writing was unremarkable. The acting was overblown to the point of hilarity. It's possible for a film to redeem some of these deficiencies and gross visuals (Pan's Labyrinth) but 300 doesn't come anywhere close to doing so.

After the movie most of the group hopped the train down to Pieces for karaoke, where we witnessed Rare and Huge singing the song about doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel. I'll be selling rights to the photos on eBay soon. Apparently we all got a good huff of Bonfire's coat while we were on the train; spray painting outerwear is all the new rage for kids these days.

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